The minister assured to complete the renovation work of Bangabandhu Stadium quickly

The minister assured to complete the renovation work of Bangabandhu Stadium quickly

The renovation work of Bangabandhu Stadium is going on for more than two and a half years. Youth and Sports Minister Nazmul Hasan Papon came to the stadium to see the renovation work today.Heard about the problem after visiting the stadium. He said that the stadium will be completed by solving the problem as soon as possible.

After visiting for about an hour, Papon expressed his experience and observations in front of the media. The new sports minister said, ‘I came here and saw two problems. A sprinkler is another media box. I understand the problem. There is no denying that there is a problem. I will see if there is a solution, if possible I will. But it doesn’t seem too impossible. ‘

Bangabandhu Stadium renovation work worth hundreds of crores started after August 2021. The new minister did not want to comment on the issue, ‘It is not right to comment without talking to anyone. Because if we talk about NSC, neither the consultant nor the federation will fall on someone. So can’t comment without seeing the document. The problems that exist must be solved. ‘

Bafuf demands to give water in pop-up system instead of sprinkler. Crores of rupees will be spent on this. However, the new minister said in an optimistic voice, ‘We don’t want to delay any more in solving the problem, we want to finish it within a certain time. As much as possible will be solved in this, if not not. Because it is a renovation of the stadium so many things may not be possible. ‘

So that there is no problem in the coming days, he also gave a tip, ‘In the coming days, if any structure is renovated or something new is done, it should be planned with the relevant federation. Everyone must sign off on the plan. Once approved, there will be no talking about it. ‘

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