‘Since everyone is playing, I wanted to play a bit too’

'Since everyone is playing, I wanted to play a bit too'

When Mirpur was busy wearing Bahari jersey of BPL. Then Muminul Haq also used to come sometimes; But that is only in practice alone.At the Academy Grounds and Moscow Cricket Academy, he was preparing for the white-robed clash against Sri Lanka.  

No team has taken Muminul from this year’s BPL draft. This one of the most experienced cricketer of the country came to the team of Rangpur Riders in the middle of BPL. He thanked the franchise for that. Muminul said that there was no bad feeling about not getting a team in the beginning.

He said, ‘It didn’t feel bad. Watched the entire BPL game. I was also practicing. I was preparing for the upcoming Sri Lanka series. It wasn’t as bad as you say. If you tell the truth, it will feel a little bad, but not too bad. There are different types of feeling bad??? that type was a little different. ‘

‘Some feel less bad, some feel a little more bad. The more you don’t like it, the worse it feels. It didn’t look so bad that I would have been disappointed. Since everyone was playing, I wanted to play a little too. ‘

Muminul did not get a chance in the BPL last season as well. However, he played 82 matches in this tournament. Muminul scored 1364 runs at a strike rate of 107.48. He believes that there will be no problem to adapt even if he does not play from the beginning.  

Muminul said, ‘I don’t think there will be too many problems. I have been playing cricket for a long time, maybe I know it to some extent! I know too much, I won’t even say it, I know to some extent! I don’t think it will be too much of a problem. ‘

‘Always the thing I believe in is the sustenance in the hands of Allah. They are playing here, I am not able to play here even if I am a good player, there is no regret about it. I believe you will do your work, I will do mine, the rest is in the hands of Allah. I will get a chance after doing my job, Bangladesh cricket is a place where you always get a chance. It is important to use that opportunity. Opportunities will come to everyone, it is important to use them. ‘

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